Joshua Buatsi vs. Dan Azeez: A Look at the Predictions, Analysis, and Betting Odds

By Ryan Corner

The boxing universe is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming match between the undefeated British Light-Heavyweight fighters, Joshua Buatsi and Dan Azeez. This match is set to take place on February 3rd, 2024 at the iconic Wembley Arena in London. This titanic clash is not just a simple bout, but a high-stakes fight with the British and Commonwealth Light Heavyweight titles on the line.

Boxers’ Overview

Joshua Buatsi
Joshua Buatsi

Joshua Buatsi, the 30-year-old pugilist, turned professional in 2017. An Olympic silver medalist from the 2016 Rio games, Buatsi has made a name for himself with a pristine professional record. He has earned the British Light Heavyweight title in 2019 by defeating Liam Conroy and has since been a force to reckon with in the boxing world. Some of his signature victories include wins over formidable opponents like Ricards Bolotniks and Craig Richards.

Buatsi is known for his excellent craft and state-of-the-art hitting power, which is reflected in his impressive 76-percent knockout ratio.

Dan Azeez
Dan “Super” Azeez

On the other hand, we have Dan Azeez, a 34-year-old contender who has had a more low-key rise to professional success. Turning pro in the same year as Buatsi, Azeez has made a name for himself by claiming British, Commonwealth, and European championships.

His record is as impressive as Buatsi’s, boasting notable victories against Hosea Burton and Thomas Faure. Despite no Olympic glory, Azeez has established himself as a top force in the 175-pound weight category.

Predictions and Analysis

The match between Buatsi and Azeez promises to be an exciting clash of styles. Buatsi, an excellent boxer who can fight, and Azeez, a pressure fighter who can box, are likely to switch roles throughout the match, making it a treat for the fans.

Buatsi is known for his smart boxing style and control over distance. His jab is a sharp weapon that sets up a wide variety of power punching, and he has the stamina to keep up a hot pace. Azeez, on the other hand, likes to apply pressure with his feet, maintain a high guard, and work for three minutes of every round. His toughness, durability, and determination make him a formidable opponent.

This fight is expected to be a close one, potentially closer than the odds suggest. However, Buatsi’s amateur pedigree and ring IQ may give him the upper hand. It’s unlikely that either side will score a knockout, with the match more likely to go the distance, and Buatsi expected to prevail on the cards.

Betting Odds

Looking at the betting odds, it’s clear that Buatsi is the favorite for this match. According to DraftKings, Buatsi is the -390 favorite while Azeez is the +280 underdog. The odds suggest that Buatsi is more likely to win, but in a match as close as this, anything can happen.

Some of the notable betting trends provided by DraftKings are:

  • Buatsi via KO/TKO/Tech. Dec/DQ: +285
  • Buatsi via decision: -135
  • Azeez via KO/TKO/Tech. Dec/ DQ: +700
  • Azeez via decision: +550
  • Draw: +1600


In conclusion, the upcoming match between Joshua Buatsi and Dan Azeez is set to be a thrilling clash. Both fighters have proven their mettle and are ready to put their unbeaten records on the line for the prestigious titles. While Buatsi is the favorite according to the odds, Azeez’s determination and fighting style could lead to an upset.

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